Moments kept forever.

A family film is a beautiful keepsake film of you and your family just the way they are at this very moment.

Are you the mum who’s always behind the camera? The dad caught up in the day-to-day and worried about the moments passing by too quickly?

The pace of life and the never-ending list of to-do’s can mean that catching the moments that mean the most are missed. That’s where I come in! When it comes to capturing moments, nothing can replace the way video seizes the voices of children playing, the faltering early steps of a toddler or the contagious belly laughs of a parent on the losing side of a tickle war.

I love working with families to uncover their personalities and learn about the special moments they want to see live on through film, time moves so quickly and kids grow up so fast.

Take a look at some of my recent family shoots to get a feel for my style or get in contact for a chat. 

The Smiths

Family Film


Motherhood film - 5 months


Family Film - 14 months


I’m not sure what moments I want on film?

Before filming, we work through a questionnaire together to uncover what is special to you and your family. That way, when the day arrives, I can make sure to capture the most meaningful footage.

Being in front of the camera makes me feel uncomfortable. What will it be like?

Don’t worry, I understand the nerves of being filmed! As I don’t pose or set up, I will just be quietly working away in the background to film the raw and real everyday moments between you and your family. I’ll often be silent so that my voice isn’t captured on film, so don’t be surprised if you don’t notice me!

It’s so important that you don’t try to ‘hide’ in the background during filming – this film will be a keepsake for you, your children and your children’s children to look back on, so it is great when everyone features in the filming.

Our house is a mess – can we have a session out and about?

I love when a house looks lived in – when you have kids running around, it’s only natural that they leave a trail behind them! Your film is about your family and the life you live together, so don’t feel like you need to have a super clean house or a ‘picture-perfect’ garden for filming to be a success.

What if our kids are shy (or rowdy!) in front of the camera?

Each child reacts differently to being filmed – some become larger than life and others find the closest thing to hide behind! Patience and understanding are key when working with kids and I am happy to take the session as it comes, tantrums and all. If things are getting too much, we can have a break as I don’t want to capture footage if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Sometimes you never know a value of a moment until it becomes a memory! - Dr Seuss

Sometimes you never know a value of a moment until it becomes a memory! - Dr Seuss